How to Grow In Love Part 3

Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament Law and gave the New Testament Church one new commandment:


To Love


The Word of God instructs us how to fulfill this commandment and how to grow in the God-kind of love.




And the Lord make you to increase and abound IN LOVE one toward another, and toward all men, as we do toward you. 

Glory to God everybody.  Thank God we can gather around the powerful Word of God today to study this marvelous subject:  “How To Grow In Love.” 

Well, last time we studied the second thing we could do to grow in the God-kind of Love.  Today we will move on to Number three.  The third thing we can do that will make our love grow is HEAR WITH LOVE. 

PSALMS 34: 17

17 The righteous cry, and the LORD HEARETH, and delivereth them… 

Christ is our example on the subject of love, and we are to follow His example and walk as he walked (Eph. 5: 1, 2).  According to Psalms 34: 17, Jesus listens to you when you cry and call out to Him.  He hears and answers with the God-kind of love. 

What do I mean when I use the term “Hear With Love?”  When you hear with love, you don’t listen with condescending attitude.  You don’t listen with an attitude.  You don’t say, “Well, if you just read the Bible and did what was right, you wouldn’t be in the mess you’re in. 

You probably know someone who is a good listener, and many people go to that person with  their problems?  That person may not be a professional counselor, maybe not even a friend. Perhaps , he/she is a coworker, who listens. 

Have you ever wondered why this happens?  That person knows how to listen with the God-kind of love. 

If a person becomes hardened in his heart, the cries of others for help will just sort of “run off” his heart and never penetrate.  Like the old hard, sun-baked clay, his heart cannot show love or give the help that is needed, and before he knows it, his love “dries up.”  If you want to grow in the God-kind of Love, learn to “Hear With The Love Of God!” 

This is an attitude that must be developed in the church, and with God’s help we will practice this trait daily. 

Again, time has gotten away from me, but I am enjoying this series very much.  We will continue along this line next time.  So until then, be blessed. 

Word for Today: Passion For care

As you examine the life of Jesus Christ, you’re sure to be struck by one thing… He always exhibited great Passion for His cause.  A leader who is not passionately committed will draw little commitment from others. On one occasion, Jesus told a group of people to be either hot or cold.  He warned that being lukewarm made them useless.  Whether He was defying religious leaders, or driving crooks out of the temple, Jesus’ passion was personified.  He had a fire that spread to those around Him.