Pastors Stephen
& Carolyn Prescod

Kinds Of Prayer Part 4

Thank God, for the privilege of prayer. For communing with the creator of the universe and the lover of our souls. I suppose God could have done anything He wanted to do.  Perhaps, He could have chosen to be unapproachable, but He didn’t!

 How marvelous it is that the creator has invited us to draw near to Him.  Isn’t it wonderful that we can draw near to Him in time of trouble?  And much more importantly, the Bible says, “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need” (Hebrews 4: 16)

 Let’s go ahead and continue from where we stopped last time.  I was talking about what a blessing it is to cast all of our cares (that includes worry) upon the Lord.

 I remembered the first time I heard about not to worry.  I could tell you exactly where I was.  I was at Winter Bible Seminar 1998 at Rhema, Brother Kenneth E. Hagin was teaching on the subject of prayer.  He went on to say that “God would not tell us to do something we could not do, because God was fair and just.

 So if the Lord says “Be careful for nothing,” then we can do it.  Brother Hagin went on to teach us that doing Philippians 4: 6 – 8 is like being engaged in chess or checkers with God.  Some verses are our move.  Then one is God’s move.

 He went on to say, “God will never move out of turn.  But He will never fail to move when it is His turn to move.”

 As a matter of illustration I am going to combine both the King James and the Amplified Version of Philippians 4: 6 – 8.

 Verse 6 is our move.  Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything.  But in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

 Verse 7 is God’s move.  “And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

 Verse 8 is our move again – and it is necessary to keep what God gave in His move, “Finally, brethren whatsoever things are true…honest…just…pure…lovely…of good report; if there be any virtue, and if any praise, think on these things.”

 Brother Hagin also said in his book Prevailing Prayer to Peace as long as you fret and have anxiety concerning the thing you are praying about, you are nullifying the affects of your praying.  You haven’t cast it on the Lord; you still have it.  As long as you have it, He (God) doesn’t have it.  As long as you are still worrying about your problem, lying awake at night, tossing from one side of your bed to the other side trying to figure it out.

 He doesn’t have as long as you have it.  As long as your stomach churns every time you think about it, as long as you can’t eat for worrying about it.  He doesn’t have it.  You do.  And your prayer is not working.

 My dear brothers and sisters, today, I encourage you today to cast all of your cares and worries on the Lord and leave them there.  It is amazing what God can do with your problems when He has them.

 I am out of time again today.  We will continue this subject next time


Word for Today: "Motivate and Give Direction"

Would you like to communicate in a way that make things happen?  It’s true if you want to be an effective leader to get others to take action, your conversation should have two goals: to motive and give directions. If you just inspire people, they may get excited but won’t know which way to go.  On the other hand, mere instructions probably won’t stir them to follow your lead.  But when you combine the two, people will move forward.  That means you must speak to the heads and hearts.  That’s why the Bible is so effective.  It is full of practical direction and inspiration.