Pastors Stephen
& Carolyn Prescod

On The Road To Glory Part 4


On the Road to ever-increasing Glory.

That’s where you and I as Christians were divinely designed to live.


Every day we should be walking with God down a spiritual pathway that takes us ever closer to our Lord.  Every day we should be changing and growing a little more like Him.


Praise the Lord Saints.  It is so good for us to get back into the Word of God today.  I know that you would be blessed with today’s lesson.  Last week we spent some time discussing the second element of study which is “The Power of Repetition.”


The third element of study we will look at is “Comprehension!”  Once we truly begin to concentrate on the Word of God, we will naturally progress to the next step of study which is comprehension.


There is something about repetition and focus that helps us comprehend the Word as never before.  I discovered that for myself during the time I would prepare for our home Bible studies between 1994- 2001.  In a specific case and point I was reading after Billye Brym for about two weeks concentrating on what 1 Corinthians 10:32 say about the Jews, the nations, and the church.  I saw the truth in a new and deeper way.  Even though I’d read and heard that verse preached several times before, I never fully understood it as I do now until I spent concentrated time in study.


The final element of study is “Reflection.”  Comprehension defines what you’re studying. Reflection reveals the significance of what you’re studying.  In Reflection we ponder the meaning of what we are studying until it causes us to see ourselves and our world in a new way.


Taught by God alone


Clearly, you can’t squeeze all four of the elements of study into an hour and a half church service on a Sunday morning.  So, to move on down your road to glory, you’ll want to supplement your times of corporate worship and study with individual study times.  You’ll want to set aside blocks of time when you can be individually and personally Taught by God alone.


If you’re not sure what to do during those times, you can start by simply picking a book of the Bible and reading it straight through.  As you read, jot down your thoughts and impressions in a journal.  If you find a particular passage difficult to understand, just make a note of it and keep reading.  Then go back and study it at a later time.


Personally, I like to put dates and times on my notes so I can look back later and see how much I’ve learned.  Before I read I also like to pray the prayer in Ephesians 1:18-21, asking God to grant me light and revelation.  I’ve found that as I apply myself to study the Word, God is always faithful to answer that prayer.


Finally, once you’ve started to study, stick with it!  Even if at first you don’t even see any great changes in your life, keep reading and re-reading, concentrating, comprehending, and reflecting on portions of the Bible the Lord has led you to study.  Eventually, The Word will have its affect.  Your mind will be renewed, and your life will be transformed.


As I close this series, I dare you to go beyond the superficiality that is a curse to our society today, and dig deep into the Word of God; you will discover life changing truth. 


Your Pastor




A word for Today: "Making a Profit"



It is not a sin to profit.  As matter of fact God expects us to make a profit.  Read Matthew chapter 25 and Luke chapter 19, it is very clear according to these two parables God treats no profit as a sin.  If you are in business, you’ll be pleased to know God is not opposed to you making a profit.  In these same parables, Jesus called those servants that made a profit “Good and Faithful.” Go ahead and “Make a Profit,” God would be very please with you.