Pastors Stephen
& Carolyn Prescod


Prayer Focus - August 2019

Oh thank God, we have this opportunity to focus our prayer unitedly on the same thing.  There is great power in manifestation when God’s people come together and pray.  Let’s join together and pray for our own children and each other’s children.  Plea the blood of Jesus over these children; pray that the angels of the Lord encamp round about them.  Let’s pray for those who are attending school.  Pray for their success; Pray that they will have the kind of teachers you would like (God-fearing and with good morals).  Pray that their lives will be an epistle seen and read of all men.  Students and faculty that are around them will live for God. And finally, let’s pray that those students, staff and faculty members that come in contact with our family members will live for God.  Amen!