Pastors Stephen
& Carolyn Prescod

Reverencing the Presence of God in Our Midst Part 1

God wants to manifest His glory in a greater measure than the Church has ever known before.

But we have a responsibility to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and create the type of

atmosphere in which God can move.


In the book of HEBREWS 12:28, the apostle Paul says:

28 Wherefore we receiving a Kingdom which cannot be moved, lets us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably WITH REVERENCE and godly fear. 

We must Reverence our God and His Presence! 

What am I talking about when I mention “Reverencing the Presence of God”?  I am talking about: 

A.   To Regard with Fear

B.   A Feeling of Profound Awe

C.   Deepest Respect

D.   To Esteem Highly

E.    Intense Worship

F.    To Honor

G. To Love with complete Devotion 

 My mentor, Brother Kenneth E. Hagin has told us repeatedly several years ago now, that there was a move of the Holy Spirit that would be lost to this generation if it wasn’t taught.  So for the past several months we have been having Holy Ghost led services. We are endeavoring to teach this congregation how to flow supernaturally with the Holy Ghost and Reverencing the Presence of God in our Midst. 

You see, each service has a different purpose.  For instance, the purpose of our prayer meetings on Sunday evenings is to pray.  The focus of our Sunday morning services is for this congregation to be filled with the Fullness of the Blessing.  The focus of our Evangelism outreach ministry is to get folks saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.  And in Healing School, people are coming to get healed – and so forth.  Of course, all these manifestations of God’s Presence can happen in any of our services, but there must be a specific purpose every time we meet. 

Precious Saints of God, in our Holy Ghost led services, we must allow the Holy Spirit to manifest himself as He wills.  But remember, the Word of God always has preeminence.  In other words, we must put God’s Word first, and supernatural signs and demonstrations will follow the teaching or preaching of the Word (Mark 16:20). 

Now we know from the Scriptures that Spiritual gifts and manifestations operate as the Spirit wills (1 Corinthians 12: 11).  But believers have a lot to do with how the Spirit of God moves in a service.  You see, we can create the type of atmosphere in which the Holy Spirit is free to move.  And many times the Holy Spirit is hindered from moving as he wants to because believers fail to Reverence the Presence of God in their midst. 

Let me give you an example.  The time of singing praises unto the Lord it is a good time to clap.  But in times of worship, we should Reverence the Lord with up lifted hands, rendering unto Him adoration and respect.  We will be talking more about these things in the coming weeks, so stay with me and we will all learn to do better at Reverencing the Presence of God in our Midst.



 Your Pastor 



Word of Today: "Accountability" 

There is a common thread that runs through the parables of Jesus, especially those concerning delegated authority and money.  That thread is “accountability.”  In the stories Jesus told, people are held accountable for Word they hear and what they do with it.  Accountability acts as a fertilizer to catalyze growth and progress in every person. Jesus said, "To whom is entrusted much, much is required." Great leaders follow this pattern. They hold people accountable for that which has been entrusted to them.