Pastors Stephen
& Carolyn Prescod

An Attitude of the Heart

On Thanksgiving Day, thousands, if not millions of people will offer thanks to God. But
some of them merely honor God with their lips because their hearts are far from Him.
Giving thanks is more than just saying you’re grateful, it’s an attitude of the heart! And when
you maintain an attitude of thanksgiving, You will experience the great blessings that it brings.
Each November in the United States, we celebrate the holiday we call Thanksgiving. Let’s take
a few moments and look into the history of Thanksgiving.
The first Thanksgiving was observed December 4, 1619. Thirty-nine British settlers gathered to
give thanks to God for their safe arrival in this new land – what will later become the United
States of America. Their charter from England required them to do so each year on the
anniversary date of their arrival.
In 1621, Thanksgiving in America was celebrated in early autumn. It was a time of great
feasting but also of fervent prayer, because by that time, half of the original settlers had died
during the harsh winter of 1620. So the pilgrims who were still alive gave thanks to God for
preserving their lives. They also thanked God for helping them establish a foothold in the new
land and for blessing them with food to eat.
Centuries later, in 1941, the Congress of the United States of America designated Thanksgiving
Day as a legal federal holiday.
They determined that Thanksgiving would be officially observed on the fourth Thursday of
November, and America has celebrated it on that day ever since!
2 Let us come before His presence WITH THANKSGIVING, and make a joyful noise unto
Him with palms.
PSALMS 100:4
4 Enter into His gates WITH THANKSGIVING, and into His courts with praise: be
THANKFUL unto Him, and bless His name.
We can see from these scriptures that we should always maintain an attitude of thanksgiving
toward God. One way to maintain a thankful heart is to also show gratitude to others. Your
attitude is extremely important.
I will close with this statement. Giving thanks to God and praising Him changes your
outlook and improves your faith. Please join me next week as I continue this timely article.
Thanksgiving is certainly an attitude of the heart.
Your Pastor


Word of Today: "Learn to Lead" 

All great leaders were born without knowledge of leadership principles. They had to learn how
to lead. And what can be learned can surely be taught. But, leadership traits cannot be taught to
people who lack the desire to learn. The truth is, leadership blossoms in people who have
adequate preparation, a motivating environment, encouraging models to watch, caring mentors to
advise them, an unending passion to learn, and opportunities to practice. I have a question for
each of you, “Are you seeking out opportunities to improve your leadership skills, or are you
taking life as it comes?”