Pastors Stephen
& Carolyn Prescod

The Hour of No Impossibility Part 1



Jesus said it.  And with our heads, we believe it’s true.  If we’re honest, however, we have to admit that for most of us the impossible all too often remains … the impossible. 

 But, my dear Brothers and Sisters, hold on to your seats because that is about to change. 

Many years ago I read an article from a Christian publication.  The author was talking to a woman who visited heaven a few years earlier.  She said, “While she was there, she spoke with Jesus about the last days’ move of God, the move He called the latter rain.” 

The author went on to ask her “What the time of the latter rain would be like.”  She answered with one phrase I will never forget.  “It is the hour of no impossibilities – where all things will be possible with God.” 

My dear friends, that is the time you and I have stepped into.  It is the time all the saints from ages past have longed to see.  It is the hour of no impossibility. 

We can catch a glimpse of what this hour will hold for us by reading the Book of Acts because the early Church, too, God did the impossible.  At the Gate Beautiful, He healed a man who had been lame from birth.  That man had never taken a single step, yet when Peter said, “In the Name Of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk,” he suddenly  began walking and leaping and praising God (Acts 3: 6-8). 

On the road to Damascus, Jesus Himself  appeared in power and glory to Saul of Tarsus, a man so full of murderous hatred for the Church that he had dedicated his life to dragging believers from their homes, having them imprisoned and even put to death.  Yet in a single day, God changed that man’s heart and turned him into one of the greatest apostles the Church has ever known. 

When a dear and godly woman named Dorcas died before her time in the early Church, her fellow church members called for Peter.  And though Dorcas had been dead for some time, Peter said Tabitha arise and she arose alive. 

It’s wonderful to read about those things.  But it will be more wonderful when we are living them! 

“Oh, Pastor,” you might say, “I can’t imagine things like that happening to me.” 

Well, it’s time you get started.  It’s not just time for you to imagine them, it’s time for you to add faith and begin believing God for them.  It’s time for you to step into your hour of no impossibilities. 

Today, I started with this Scripture, and I will end this portion of this important article with the same Scripture:  “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE  TO  HIM  THAT  BELIEVETH.”  I am excited about what God has to say about this lesson next week.  Until then this is your Pastor saying, “Have Faith In God!”


Your Pastor


Word for Today: "Know Your Vision"

A vision is a powerful thing.  It compels action. But people need to know how you plan to make that Vision a reality.  In the Old Testament, we read about a group of strategic leaders.  We are told they had a keen understanding of the times that enabled Israel to know what to do.  My question of the day for you is, “Do you have a sound strategy for implementing your vision?”