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& Carolyn Prescod

The Importance of a Spirit-filled Life Part 3

When you fellowship with God and walk in obedience to Him, it will be evident to all!

Again, here is the text we have been using for this series.

EPHESIANS 5:18, 19

 18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; BUT BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT;

19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your hearts to the Lord.

A psalm is a spiritual poem or an ode. It may rhyme or it may not rhyme, but there is an element of poetry about it. There are one hundred and fifty psalms in the Old Testament that have been given by the Spirit of God. Many of them were given to David by the gift of prophecy. They were inspired by the Holy Ghost. If you’ll read them carefully, you’ll find out that many of them were given just for David’s benefit; they applied to his circumstances. The psalms that David wrote were for his encouragement, and you’ll find that psalm will have the same effect in your own life. The Holy Ghost will give you a psalm to encourage you and to lift your spirit so that you can maintain the glow.

Spiritual health is just as discernible as physical health. It’s very easy to discern whether or not someone is feeling good physically. If someone is not up to par in his thinking, you can say something to him two or three times and he still don't understand what you are saying.

It doesn’t mean that he’s hard of hearing; it just means that his mind is off somewhere else. He’s not as sharp as he usually is. You can look at people and tell by their countenance whether or not they’re up to par physically. Many times people are not up to par physically because they are not up to par spiritually. They might be dragging physically, and their spiritual health is discernible.

Maintaining the glow includes more than just jumping up and down, smiling, and being happy. Now that’s part of it, but there is a whole lot more to it. You may get blessed in Church when everyone else gets blessed, but, what about when you get home? What about maintaining the glow in your everyday life? Do you have the glow when you’re at home? You see, that’s where the differences are. Paul was talking about maintaining the glow every day. And that’s what he was endeavoring to get believers to do — to keep being filled.

Another mark of a Spirit-filled life is having a singing heart or a heart full of melody. If you’re filled with the Holy Spirit, you’ll be singing! Nothing can stop a person from singing who is filled with the Spirit of God, because he has a song in his heart or a heart full of melody.


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