Pastors Stephen
& Carolyn Prescod

We are Ambassadors for Christ Part 3

Let's go ahead and read our text, taken from 2 Corinthians 5:20 for this very important subject, "We Are Ambassadors For Christ", which is essentially our purpose here on the earth and to be more specific about it, our purpose here in the great city of Schertz, Texas. 

Now then we are Ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God. 

In my last article I concluded that our purpose here on earth is not only to enjoy God's blessings. The core of our purpose is to fulfill the mission Jesus has given us as His ambassadors. Our purpose is to penetrate the darkness and bring people into His marvelous light. 

As ambassadors of heaven, we stay in touch with our homeland and our Commander in Chief. We should constantly go to the throne of grace to receive our instructions from Him. We should confer with Him daily, getting His advice and counsel about how to carry out His Plans and Purposes. 

We must continually follow heaven's orders. When we minister to people in Jesus' name, we shouldn't give them our thoughts and opinions; we should say the words Jesus has given us to say. Those are the only words that will truly make a difference. 

I have taught on prayer and fellowship with God for many years, and I have always valued it very highly. But recently I have come to believe more strongly than ever that it is the most important element in the believer's life. Why? Because the only way we can fulfill the mission God has given us is by staying in personal contact with heaven. 

God doesn't give us all the instructions we'll ever need the moment we were born again. He doesn't send us a fax from heaven, that contains all the details of our mission, so we'll know exactly what to do for the rest of our lives. He gives that information a little at a time. He tells us as we go, exactly what is it that we need to know, we always have to stay in touch with Him. Satan recognizes that so he is perpetually at work trying to distract us from our fellowship with the Lord. He uses worldly distractions to stimulate our flesh and amplify its voice so that it drowns out the voice of our spirit. He does whatever he can to create static on the line and make it more difficult for us to hear from heaven. He doesn't want us to receive the latest orders from our Commander in Chief. 

Satan wants to shut down our communication with God so we get stuck just doing the same old thing we always did. He wants us just to go through religious motions instead of following the leading of the Holy Ghost in our heart. 

What can we do when Satan succeeds and we find ourselves unable to hear clearly from the Spirit of God? We can do much the same thing on a spiritual level that we do naturally when we are trying to tune in a radio station in our car. If the signal is unclear and cluttered by static, we grab the knob (or push the button) and try to tune in more exactly to that particular frequency. We try to get rid of the static so we can hear the station loud and clear. I encourage you to check your means of communication with the Lord, if there is interference, make the necessary adjustments. Amen!


Your Pastor






Word of Today: "Be A Better Teacher" 

I once heard it said, “Be a Teacher and Be a Hero.”  When it comes to examining the Bible for keys to supernatural increase, this phrase is very clear, Be a Teacher.  Be a Success.” Great leaders don’t hide in ivory towers plotting strategy. They teach by instilling in those around them their ideas and values.  This is the approach Jesus demonstrated. He was often called “Rabbi,” which simply means teacher. His effectiveness is evidenced by the success of His pupils. “Be a Teacher!”